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Automotive Thüringen 2010


Automotive thüringen e.V. ("at") was originally founded on 29.08.2000 by 9 thuringian companies. The goal is to strengthen thuringian automobile supplier companies. Today the „at“ has more than 100 members. Because of the 10th anniversary the association celebrated this on August 8th 2010. The esw GROUP as a member of the “at” was also there with a stand and presented themselves.

Besides lecture about current topics like the electro mobility and the challenge by the further globalisation of the market, there was a discussion with economics minister Matthias Machnig and the Magna manager and former prime minister Dieter Althaus.


unser Stand auf dem Branchentag Automotive Thüringen

Spring Festival 2010

We celebrated our yearly Spring Festival with all employees, their families and friends on May 29th 2010. This year we began with the football tournament between production hall I, production hall II, administration department and tooling department together with dispatching department. Like most of every year the team of production hall II won. The administration department finished second and the production hall I come in third. Afterwards we celebrated with enough food, drinks and games for the children.

Team Fertigungshalle II

Team Verwaltung

Team Fertigungshalle I

Veletrh Hannover 2010


Ve dnech 19.04.-23.04. 2010 se uskuteční veletrh v Hannoveru. Těšíme se na Vaši návštěvu v našem stánku B14 v hale 4. Další informace najdete na výše uvedené internetové adrese: http://www.hannovermesse.de/


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