Research and Development

The esw GROUP is responding to current megatrends such as digitalisation and zero-emission manufacturing by actively participating in bilateral and publicly funded projects.

In interdisciplinary projects with universities, IT companies as well as customers and suppliers, the opportunities of digitalisation, artificial intelligence and emission-free production are explored and implemented. For this purpose, the available data, the existing production facilities and the expertise of our employees are brought in.

Our Research Projects

Goal: Ensure & optimise quality, efficiency and sustainability through adaptive process chains.

Approach: Creation of a digital twin for components and the resulting assembly with a functional target variable, here an assembly torque.

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Goal: Reduction of rejects at a plant due to external influencing variables and unknown cause-effect relationships. 

Approach: Use of machine learning (here reinforcement and transfer learning) for complex quality control loops. 

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Goal: Secure and market the company’s own “service knowledge” despite a shortage of skilled workers.

Approach: Digitisation of maintenance data, use of AI-based service bots and smart services.

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Goal: Increase the resilience of the company to disruptions in supply chains, technologies, markets and infrastructure.

Approach: Digitisation of production data and development of a tool for the simulation of disruptions.

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